Kindra Nikole's interesting human and nature photos


Seattle-based photographer Kindra Nikole is inspired by fairy tales and imagination to produce images of surreal scenes that look like they are so dark and mysterious, convincingly inventive. Despite the gloomy aesthetics in many of the images of Nikole, the photographer has not, so the fresh, bright colors show up the use of color against annoying shadows.


The beautiful photo collection growing portfolio of photographer shows his active imagination, since any object interacts with his / her environment. The artistic portraits each have a lone figure in harmony with themselves, totally immersed in the natural landscape of choice, theme and setting complement each other in every shot. The option to shoot outdoors, outdoor environments Nikole increase the affinity of their images "to play with the natural elements and create a seamless connection with nature.


via [L'acte Gratuit Sony VGP-BPS13]

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